Training workshop "QA/QC" for engineers of Herat Municipality

Sat, Jun 27 2020 3:09 PM
Inauguration of training workshop "How to control quality" for engineers of Herat Municipality

The training workshop on how to control the quality of projects, practical materials and structural cases of projects for engineers of the Technical and Sectoral Services Department of the Municipal and Urban Administration Department was held in the presence of Gholam Hazrat Mushfeq, Mayor of Herat.

The workshop was organized by the European Union's Herat Municipality Support Program to improve the work capacity of professional engineers in various departments of the department and is set to launch other effective workshops in urban planning, GIS, urban infrastructure and urban design.

Gholam Hazrat Mushfeq, the mayor of Herat, said at the inauguration of the workshop that the launch of capacity building workshops by city experts is very effective and important and that the professional engineers of this department should make great use of the scientific and technical solutions of these workshops.
The Mayor of Herat welcomed the launch of this workshop and the subsequent workshops of this program and expressed hope that the development of development projects of the municipal administration will have significant effects on the professional engineers of this department.

Engineer Javid Sajjad, head of the EU's Herat Municipality Support Program, spoke about the program's commitments to increase the work capacity of employees of the municipality and assured that the experts of the "EU Support for Herat Municipality" program did not withhold any cooperation in technical areas. All the experimental and technical resources of this program will be made available to the professional engineers of the municipal administration.

Inauguration of training workshop "How to control quality" for engineers of Herat Municipality


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