Continuation of technical cooperation of the Danish Refugee Council with the municipality

Wed, Feb 12 2020 1:57 PM
Continuation of technical cooperation of the Danish Refugee Association with the municipality

Officials from the Danish Refugee Council met with the municipality administration during a meeting with Herat's mayor, Ghulam Hazrat Mushfiq, in 2020.
They said that in the new year, the company is planning to hire 500 additional contractors, as well as last year, within a short time frame, with the necessary equipment to run the municipal office in the city's clean and green areas. To get the job done.
Herat mayor Ghulam Mushfiq welcomed the Danish Refugee Association (DRC) 's continued cooperation, and welcomed its activities last year.
Herat mayor expressed hope that the work of the contract staff would be more successful after incorporating the ideas of the Municipal Authority leadership in the Danish Immigrant Association agreement with the municipality.
Last year, the Danish Refugee Association (DRC) recruited a number of destitute residents as part of the municipal administration, and the municipal office assigned them in the clean and green areas for greater cleanliness, cleanliness and greenery.


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