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The level of literacy of the community and its impact on the lives of the citizens of Herat have been a reflection of the role of education since its inception. Thousands of children go to school every year, and thousands of young men and women graduate from schools. According to statistics in the city and districts of Herat province, there are about 800 schools and more than 70,000 pupils are taught science and science. According to the Department of Education, forty-eight percent of students in these schools are girls and The other fifty-two percent are boys. Some of the schools known to the people of Herat are named below.

Girls' Schools:
- Tajrabavi scraper
- Hehri Heravi High School
- Mahjobe Heravi Scooter
- Malaka Jalali High School
- Goharshad high school

Boys' Schools:
- Sultan Ghiasuddin Gori High School
- Inqalab high school
- Mulana Abdul Rahman Jami High School
- Khawaja Muhammad Taki's High School
- Esteqlal School
- Mulana Hatifi High School
- Fathe High school
- Seifi High School

It is noteworthy that besides the Private schools, there are other schools that have similar curricula.


Herat Afghan Turk


Head of Herat University
Herat State University has 8 buildings in Herat which include disciplines: medicine, engineering, science, computer science, law and political science, journalism and mass communication, law, vitrinology, agriculture, economics, and education.

The approximate area of the State University campus is 285714 square meters.
Contact the University Presidency: 040253297
Contact number: 040253297
Address: End of Daneshjo Avenue, Herat, Afghanistan.


Herat University


Ishraq Institute of Higher Education
The Ishraq Institute of Higher Education welcomes students after completing their second year of academic and educational activities with the slogan (Goal Orientation, Core Value, Knowledge Orientation):

Faculty of Law and Political Science
- Privacy Law
- Political Science

Faculty of Economics
- Business Management
- Public Administration

Faculty of Engineering
- Civil Engineering
- Architecture

Faculty of Psychology
- Clinical Psychology
And ... with new fields

Address: Afghanistan, Herat, Mahbas Road - Back to the Howzavi Hospital

Phone number:
Phone: 040228958
Mobile: 0787209020
Website and email address:,

Jami Institute of Higher Education
Jami Institute of Higher Education has five faculties with a capacity of one thousand students
- Engineer
- Economy
- Rights
- Sharia
- Agriculture

Address: Afghanistan, Herat, Family Camp
Contact numbers: 0799571064 and 440053