Strategic Plan

Goal and Function of Herat Municipality's Strategic Development Plan:

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Economic Development Plan, taking into account the principles of providing and improving benchmark urban services, building and improving urban infrastructure and the environment, coordination and comprehensive relationships with citizens and independent departments, donors and the private sector and focus on increasing municipal revenue.
Creating effective mechanisms for municipal partnerships with the private sector, creating employment and investment opportunities for citizens, and creating new revenue sources, growth and economic development of Herat municipality are compiled.
The function of the economic development plan is important in several important aspects:
Planning tools: Planning is the process of identifying and defining goals, defining the activities associated with its implementation timing, designing The situation is desirable and provides measures and means to achieve the goals. The Economic Development Plan, essential for strategic planning. This creates a synergy between municipal activities and creates transparency in budget spending.
Management tools: Having a comprehensive, comprehensive and understandable plan is one of the basics of managing an organization that each employee focuses on.
It regulates its activities and can handle the affairs of the office in a fundamental manner, especially to the public offices and enterprises.
Like the municipality, and the economic development plan has actually been used as a prospect for economic and development activities, and Leading the organization to serve the citizens of Herat.
Urban Marketing Tools: Economic Development Plans Pave the Way to Turn the City into a Business Center by Introducing Public and Private Projects
Efficiently open and provide the opportunity for the private sector and other donors to play an active role in the reconstruction of the municipality. Once upon a time
Herat will aim to make this plan accessible to all stakeholders, offices and subscribers of the agency through print and social media.
Unpublished, through social media, and as a citizen of the city, enough information about plans and projects
This creates greater transparency about the activities of government departments and allows other subscribers or stakeholders to
Collaborate on these plans.