The Herat municipality is a local organization founded according to the principle of decentralization of administration and for the management of local affairs such as standard reconstruction and construction, urban sanitation and the welfare of its inhabitants. The municipality is a city administration system, consisting of two units called the City Council and the Municipality Administration

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3 months ago

To create an ideal development perspective, raise the level of citizens' well-being and make a positive change in the landscape of the city with the participation of the people, the municipality is implementing its development, infrastructure and social projects and overseeing how the department's development projects are implemented in the countryside. It shows the active role and contribution of the citizens in the development of the city and its development plans.

Ghulam Hazrat Mushfiq
Mayor GhulamHazrat Moshfiq

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Mon, Apr 06 2020 10:15 AM
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تطبیق ۸۳ پروژه انکشافی و عمرانی در نواحی پانزده‌گانۀ شهر هرات

کارکرد و فعالیت‌های اداره شاروالی هرات که صرفاً در بخش تطبیق پروژه‌های انکشافی می‌باشند، در محلات، گذرها و نواحی پانزده‌گانه شهر هرات طی ۹ ماه گذشته آغاز گردیده که بیش از ۸۰ درصد از آن. . .

Sat, Apr 04 2020 9:44 AM
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Planting ornamental seedlings on public and side road boulevards in Herat

Officials of the Green Management Department of Herat Municipality's Technical and Sectoral Services Department, while continuing the process of planting seedlings in green areas of the. . .

Thu, Apr 02 2020 10:28 AM
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The process of disinfection of urban areas by the Herat municipality continues

Officials from the Herat Municipality's Technical and Sectoral Services Department continue to disinfect urban areas, discussing the disinfection of Area One, Center Tank, Khosh Gate,. . .

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Tue, Mar 17 2020 6:49 AM
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Prevent hoarding and overpricing of tradesmen and shopkeepers

Announcement of Herat Municipality!
Respectful shopkeepers and shopkeepers alike are advised to stop giving in to the expensive and hoarding that threatens our poor and destitute people . . .

Sun, Mar 15 2020 12:24 PM
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Serious alert to prevent group gatherings

Announcement of Herat Municipality!

Inform the public of the owners and owners of the halls, baths, saunas, cafes, bakeries, restaurants, inns, markets, sports clubs and all respected . . .

Wed, Feb 26 2020 11:21 AM
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Restaurants and hotels are limited

Herat Municipality announcement!
Restaurants and hotels are limited
According to the guidelines of the General Directorate, Sherwali Herat ؛ If all directions and hotels are available, . . .

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Sat, Feb 22 2020 8:24 AM
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Announcement of the bidding process for supplying twelve types oil and 51 types of filters required by Herat Municipality for Cars

The Herat Municipality invites all eligible bidders to participate in the on-going process (procurement of twelve types oil and 51 types of filters required for Herat Municipality for . . .

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Sat, Feb 22 2020 8:24 AM
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Announcement of contract staff of Herat municipality

In order to outsource its work to the people of Herat and to fulfill the government's high-profile goals of reforming and maintaining a healthy office, the Herat Municipality intends to . . .

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Herat Municipality Development Projects in 1398

نظم یعنی آغاز متمدن شدن

حفظ نظافت و پاکی شهر

پیشرفت ۵۰ درصدی پروژه اعمار کانال در ساحات دروازه قندهار، محل قندهاری‌ها و پایان آب

دیدگاه اعضای شورای مشورتی شهر و وکلای گذر در رابطه پیشرفت‌های انکشافی

تأثیرات رشد عواید اداره شاروالی هرات و چگونگی مصارف آن از طریق پروژه‌های انکشافی