The district's sixth district agents reported their problems to the mayor of Herat

Sun, Feb 16 2020 10:49 AM
The district's sixth district attorneys reported their problems to the mayor of Herat

Elders, transit lawyers, and residents of various crossings of the Sixth District met with local Herat mayor Ghulam to discuss environmental issues in the area.
At the meeting, they noted the problems encountered in the election of transit lawyers, sidewalks, the need to build a citation wall and accelerate the process of implementing Herat's municipal development projects in the context of the National Citizenship Covenant program and called for Herat's municipal leadership to pay attention. .
The mayor of Herat states that in the near future the fifteen metropolitan areas will be standardized (with every passage from one house to one house) as soon as the dilemmas are due to the election of transit lawyers.
Mr. Mushfaq also recalled the implementation of the Sixth District Sub-Road Asphalt Projects and newly constructed canals in the last fiscal year, and expressed hope that the municipality and partner agencies will also launch numerous development projects to improve the welfare of the city in the coming year. Fifteen cities will match.

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