Industrial and Commercial Centers

Herat City Fabricates

The industrial town of Herat is located in front of the airfield and was opened by the President in late 2003 with a 1.5 in. 6 km dimension with 3 active phases and a phase one in Damascus.
The industrial city has 830 points distributed and at the beginning of 2011 according to the Survey of Industry Union has 286 factories active.

And in the food sector:
 Cakes, biscuits, oils, pasta, soft drinks, poultry, paste, milk and yogurt, pickles, vinegar, salt, ice cream, chocolate, sugar, flour and bread ...

Building Materials Section:
Types of stone, polyethylene pipe, PVC, aluminum door & window, MDF & metal, rolling melt & aluminum & boiler, iron beam, flower grill, nail ...

Electrical Materials Section:
 Wires & Cables, Silent, Plug, Two Plugs, Power Column ...

Health sector:
Soap, shampoos, dishwashers, thinners, paper towels, handkerchiefs, garments, laundry detergent ... It goes without saying that it is manufactured and powered in the motorcycle industrial town.

Herat city fabricates phazes

Business Centers:
- National Center
Address: Foals of Flowers Fifth District
- Meteor Market
Address: Chowk New Town, Second District
- East diamand
Address: Blood Bank Road, Fifth District
- Citiparadis
Address: Provincial Road, Opposite Sultan Ghiasuddin Ghori High School, First District
- Herat Palace
Address: Pie Hedger, Seventh District
- Amini and Berlin markets
Address: Llamami Road, Second District
- Food and Drug Sales Centers on Eidgah Eli Behzad Road
Address: Fifth District, Behzad Road

Herat City Upgrading Municipality