Announcing Aid of Allafan Union Benefits to Herat Municipality Staff

Mon, Mar 23 2020 9:21 AM
Announcing Aid of Allafan Union Benefits to Herat Municipality Staff

The president and members of the Allafan Union spoke to the Herat's mayor, Ghulam Hazrat Mushfiq, about the announcement of humanitarian aid for the disadvantaged staff of the municipal administration.
The union is set to help 200 families of the poor in the municipality of Flour.
Welcoming the charity move, Herat mayor Ghulam Hazrat Hafiq said, "At a time when the poor are in need of material and spiritual help, we ask the general merchants of the city to help their fellow citizens."
The mayor of Herat also emphasized that the municipality's office was serious about combating hoarding and urged all traders, tradesmen and businessmen to firmly establish rates for selling food to citizens.
The president of the Allafan Union welcomed the presence of the mayor of Herat in the city-wide Mandovas, calling for joint meetings of the leadership of the municipality to stabilize the rates of sales of imported and imported materials.
It is noteworthy that the leadership of Herat Municipality recently held joint meetings to visit the local production factories to stabilize the sales rates of manufactured and imported materials along with various traders and guilds.

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