Announcement of Bid for Herat Municipality Property and Privileges

Announcement of Bid for Herat Municipality Property and Privileges

Herat Municipality leases the following properties and other concessions in Fiscal Year 1399 through a short-term and long-term bidder:
- Parallel 4073m of amusement park
- Shaidaie Park
- Mirdawood Park
- Parking lot west of Mellat Park
- Laleh Gardens parking lot inside Progress Park
- Privilege of miscellaneous city booths
- Boating area and Pashtun Paul Park
- Women's Restaurant in Malikyar Park
- Land opposite Provincial Authority and Majidi Road (for investment)
- Sale of manure related to Herat municipality
- Herat municipality's Maslakh revenue
- Kabootar Solhe Restaurant
Persons and companies interested in bidding and investing in the aforementioned and other assets of the Bureau shall submit their application and business plan to the Bureau for a period of six calendar days from the date of publication of the notice. The above guarantees are guaranteed.
Note: Refer to the general management of Herat Municipal Contracts for the information and considerations of the Bid.

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