Declaration of (GIS) Specialist by EU Herat Municipality Support Program

Declaration of (GIS) Specialist by EU Herat Municipality Support Program

The Herat Municipal Bureau of Expertise (GIS) announces the program for failing to complete the exam and assigning it to its residents and considering the principle of meritocracy from today until 10 Feb 2020.
The EU support program for Herat Municipality is being implemented by the Herat Municipality for six months with EU funding. The main goals of the program are to arrange detailed district plans for Herat to guide future development in Herat, better implement regional and local development projects, improve urban management services, raise social justice, provide urban services to vulnerable communities and groups, and Overall it is Herat's urban development management.

Urban Design Expert (2 Positions)
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Therefore, applicants for the above clauses, if required, can submit their disaster relief (CV) to the Herat Municipality email address with the clause clause.
- Email Address: (

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