Gathering loudspeakers that harass citizens

Mon, Jun 01 2020 11:21 AM
Gathering loudspeakers that harass citizens

With the growing number of complaints from citizens about the noise pollution caused by wheeled speakers in Herat, the leadership of the municipal administration has started collecting loudspeakers so that citizens in these bad and sick conditions can get coronavirus; Reduce citizen harassment.
In this action, the speakers of wheelbarrows, equipment and over-the-counter vehicles in most markets of the city such as Kandahar Gate, End of Water, Khajeh Koleh, Malek Gate, Iraqi Gate, Good Gate, Nembric Gate, Colored Bridge, Mostofit, Jakan and its routes were collected.

Ghulam Hazrat Mushfeq, the mayor of Herat, says that in the current situation, the citizens need peace, but some people do not pay attention to the peace of the citizens at all and cause public harassment.
To this end, the mayor of Herat has strongly instructed the staff of this office in the regulation of markets to emphasize the observance of health issues and social distances to wheelchair users, vendors and mobile vendors; Gather citizens' annoying loudspeakers.

The leadership of the Herat Municipality warns the public of wheelchairs, rioters and peddlers throughout the city, neighborhoods and markets to stop harassing citizens who are sick in their homes and not to disturb the public in the current situation.

Gathering loudspeakers that harass citizens


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