Announcement of contract staff of Herat municipality

Announcement of the closure of contract staff of Herat municipality

In order to outsource its work to the people of Herat and to fulfill the government's high-profile goals of reforming and maintaining a healthy office, the Herat Municipality intends to fill its (7th Level) jobs through the free competition of the payroll system, through the recruitment of qualified contract workers.
- Academic Management Contract Staff (15 positions)
- District Employees Contract Staff (75 positions)
- Member of the Orchestra Department of Urban Governance (5 positions)
Eligible individuals can receive the application form within ten days from the date of publication of the notice through the Provincial Human Resources Department, the Herat Municipal Public Administration and the Department of Civil and Administrative Reforms of the province, and after returning to the same office.

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Tue, Mar 17 2020 6:49 AM
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Prevent hoarding and overpricing of tradesmen and shopkeepers

Announcement of Herat Municipality!
Respectful shopkeepers and shopkeepers alike are advised to stop giving in to the expensive and hoarding that threatens our poor and destitute people . . .

Sun, Mar 15 2020 12:24 PM
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Serious alert to prevent group gatherings

Announcement of Herat Municipality!

Inform the public of the owners and owners of the halls, baths, saunas, cafes, bakeries, restaurants, inns, markets, sports clubs and all respected . . .

Wed, Feb 26 2020 11:21 AM
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Restaurants and hotels are limited

Herat Municipality announcement!
Restaurants and hotels are limited
According to the guidelines of the General Directorate, Sherwali Herat ؛ If all directions and hotels are available, . . .

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